Patti is an expert in determining the fair market value of a business and has represented companies in most industries throughout Canada. Business valuations are required in a variety of contexts and Patti has significant experience assisting business owners and parties in dispute navigate through the process of determining value. Situations requiring a business valuation include:

  1. Family Law, in both Collaborative and Litigation contexts. Business valuations can be necessary for purposes of marriage agreements or on dissolution of marriage.
  2. Commerical and other litigation. Valuations may be required in the context of shareholder or family disputes, estate litigation and expropriations.
  3. Succession planning. Valuations made be needed in contemplation of business dispositions or acquisitions. The valuation process often highlights areas when business processes and operations can be improved to maximize value and price on a sale.
  4. Income tax. Having your business valued is generally prudent practice to support values to Canada Revenue Agency in the context of corporate reorganizations, estate and succession planning and non-arm’s length transactions.

Some clients may not need formal comprehensive or estimate valuation reports. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs. For example, shorter form reports can be provided to provide a preliminary indication of value, or to assess and provide commentary on another business valuator’s report.


Chartered Business Valuators may be retained as experts to provide their professional opinion as to the quantum of financial gain or loss, or any conclusion of a financial nature, in the context of litigation or a dispute. Patti has qualified as a financial expert and has provided expert witness testimony in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and on Arbitration matters. Situations requiring a financial expert include:

  1. Quantification of financial damages in respect of corporate commercial and shareholder matters, personal injury claims, wrongful death, breach of contract, business interruption and expropriations.
  2. Calculation of Guideline income reports.
  3. Preparation of rebuttal or limited critique reports of other financial experts opinions (valuation, Guideline income, economic or financial loss reports).


In litigation matters, there may be a need to undertake an assessment of the detailed transactions that make up financial statements and to collect, analyze, prepare and report on such data.


Patti has extensive experience working with credit unions and other entities in the financial services space throughout her 25 year history at Grant Thornton. Patti has audited, valued, assessed merger opportunities and performed due diligence for credit unions. She has recently provided risk monitoring services for credit unions on behalf of the provincial regulator, FICOM.